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Piston Compressors

The wide range of RACPID piston compressors satisfies all needs in the field of compressed air generation, ranging from small craftsmen to big industries. RACPID offers, in fact, coaxial, belt-driven, two or four poles motors, single and two stage, wheeled or fixed, tandem, base or tank mounted and, last but not least, silenced compressors, all with several power levels aimed at offering its customers custom-made compressors.

Rotary Screw Compressors

Silenced, compact, low energy consumption and vibration free rotary screw compressors combining technological innovation with State-of-the-Art design and comply with high quality standards, easy maintenance and very low noise level. Reliable and user-friendly standard electronic controller both enabling system operation control and diagnostic information monitoring.

Ideal for professional, industrial and craft businesses applications, they satisfy various requirements thanks to numerous power levels (from 3 to 75HP), different operating pressures (8, 10 and even 13 bar in given models), belt or direct drive, and can be base-mount or 270 or 500 liters tank-mount, include or not dryer and inverter.

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