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Modular cooling system based on compressed air which is low cost, instantly effective and dry.

Suitable to cool down specific mechanical or electronical parts undergoing overheat and wear, it replaces traditional, expensive, dirty and often polluting coolant emulsion for automatic machines. RACPID Compact Cooler dry operates and leaves no residue, thus improving processes efficiency and making devices last longer.


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Extremely versatile modular system suitable for several applications to satisfy different requirements.
Features air control screw with indicator and temperature adjustment seal during control phase.
Hot air hose connection is positioned 90° with respect to adjustment screw, enabling air adjustment also after installation.
Nylon 6.6 plastic insulating structure hampers accidental contact with overheated parts of the device.
Coolers are designed to be paired by means of standard rail or plates, for applications requiring serial operation.
Plastic cold air outlet tool impeding temperature dispersion.

Compressed air flux is perpendicularly conveyed inside a pipe and rotates around its axis determining a vortex which originates two airflows, a hot and a very cold one. Adjustment valve sends hot air out from one side via an adjustment valve, while cold air exits from the opposite side. Thanks to control valve it is possible to adjust both temperature and outgoing airflow.
RACPID Compact Cooler cools outgoing airflow down to 43 °C less than inlet compressed air temperature.

To cool down material that cannot be wet or dirtied with coolant emulsions
To cool down mechanical parts
To cool down electronic devices
To cool down during laser cut
To cool down measuring instruments
To cool down material during/after processing (molds, plastic bottles, etc.)
To cool down closed circuit cameras
To cool down welded parts
To cool down seals and joints
To cool down protective clothing used by workers in overheated environment
To cool down during tools sharpening, to avoid cutting edge burn as well as grinding wheel jamming
To cool down during turning, milling, piercing, cutting, removal and polishing
To cool down during pneumatic tire adjustment
To cool down needles and blades od industrial sewing and cutting machines, to speed process up and make tools last longer
To cool down di extruded parts or plastic materials in rapid hardening molding

Light, compact, quiet and cheap
RACPID Compact Cooler can cool outlet air down to 43 °C less than ambient temperature
Having no moving part it does not undergo any wear and does not require any maintenance
Cleaning and washing are not necessary
Manufactured with corrosion resistant materials
Simple installation thanks to plastic nylon 6.6 support and to the dedicated bracket
No power supply, nor chemical products are required, it does not generate sparks nor interferences, therefore can also be used in food industry
Immediate operation
Environment-friendly: it works with clean compressed air only, allows to eliminate refrigerants thus reducing pollution as well as maintenance costs, consequently speeding processes up and leaving processed parts clean and dry