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nitrogen generators

RACPID nitrogen generators are based on PSA operating principle (Pressure Swing Adsorption) allowing a constant production of nitrogen from compressed air 24/7 with the desired purity. If inlet compressed air is properly filtered and dried, PSA generators do not require maintenance and boast a longer life time with respect to membrane ones because heating membranes makes them dry up. Last but not least, PSA generators consume less air with respect to membrane ones and therefore do not need very powerful air compressors. It follows that RACPID PSA nitrogen generators are the economic, simple and reliable solution to produce pure nitrogen, the perfect alternative to liquid nitrogen or gas cylinders.

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RACPID PSA nitrogen generators are made of one or more to columns adsorption modules filled with high quality molecular sieves (CMS). During adsorption compressed air (previously dried and filtered in order to eliminate oil, humidity and dusts) passes through modules containing Carbon Molecular Sieves (CMS), that absorb oxygen molecules and filter nitrogen ones; a few seconds before sieves get saturated regeneration occurs: a column is depressurized, releases oxygen in the atmosphere e at the same time compressed air is diverted to the other column releasing oxygen. Cycle continues until storage tank gets filled, assuring continuous nitrogen flow. Once reached the maximum tank filling pressure, the generator goes into standby mode automatically. Operation of Carbon Molecular Sieves (CMS): oxygen molecules are small (0.28 nm) and get therefore trapped in surface cavity of molecular sieves, while nitrogen molecules pass on thanks to their bigger dimension (0.32 nm).

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