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Modular cooling system based on compressed air which is low cost, instantly effective and dry.

Suitable to cool down specific mechanical or electronical parts undergoing overheat and wear, it replaces traditional, expensive, dirty and often polluting coolant emulsion for automatic machines. RACPID Compact Cooler dry operates and leaves no residue, thus improving processes efficiency and making devices last longer.


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racpid 106 heater

The RACPID 106 is not a mere thermoregulator. It also features a dual filter system consisting of a coalescence filter with automatic condensation drain for removing oil mists, lubricating oil vapors, cooling oil, etc. reducing residual oil in the air to just 0.01 μm, and an active carbon filter for purifying the air to reach residual particles inferior to 0.003 mg/m3 (class 1 – ISO 8573-1:2010). After 1,500 hours of operation a message appears on the heater display inviting to replace filters.

The message appears both in the version with and without filters. The RACPID 106 boasts a customized control panel as well as software based on a PID regulation algorithm, which guarantees the constant maintenance of adjusted temperature and is capable of heating the air up to 100 °C. The PID system also reduces unnecessary energy waste: as the adjusted parameter is being reached, consumed energy is zero. The electronic controller memorizes energy consumption. Therefore, by setting the kW/h cost in the dedicated parameter, it is possible to know the exact energy cost.

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nitrogen generators

RACPID nitrogen generators are based on PSA operating principle (Pressure Swing Adsorption) allowing a constant production of nitrogen from compressed air 24/7 with the desired purity. If inlet compressed air is properly filtered and dried, PSA generators do not require maintenance and boast a longer life time with respect to membrane ones because heating membranes makes them dry up. Last but not least, PSA generators consume less air with respect to membrane ones and therefore do not need very powerful air compressors. It follows that RACPID PSA nitrogen generators are the economic, simple and reliable solution to produce pure nitrogen, the perfect alternative to liquid nitrogen or gas cylinders.

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air treatment

Compressed air contains solid, liquid or gaseous contaminants that, if not properly treated, can damage both machineries and end products. Contamination can be due to environmental factors, to the compressor or to air tubes.

The treatment of compressor outgoing air starts with filters, that shall be placed before the compressor and vary depending on air intake particles, air contamination level, weather conditions, compressor model and use (if continuous or discontinuous), permitted pressure drop and the specific applications of compressed air.

An aftercooler must be installed after the compressor in order to reduce the content of water and oil vapors by cooling the air, condensing and separating water vapor. The aftercooler is combined with condensate separator and drain.

Finally an air dryer is required because, despite the condensate separator, compressor outgoing air is saturated with water vapor and contains condensate, which increases during cooling due to air expansion. Condensate is extremely harmful for machines, processes as well as end products and must therefore be eliminated as much as possible from compressed air.

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Simple and quick coupling: connectors do not require welding, pressing or glues. Pipes can be connected by means of coupling clips, screwing systems or clamps depending on their diameter. Furthermore, pipes are light and easy to cut. All the components of the system and be disassembled and reused.

Energy saving: thanks to calibrated pipe perfect sealing as well as to smooth interior surface which guarantees always cleaned air and higher air capacity with respect to steel pipes.
Safety: self-extinguishing connectors that do not propagate flame.
Resistance: to corrosion, UV rays, mechanical shocks, thermal changes.
Ecofriendly: all materials are 100% recyclable, moreover, thanks to the raw materials, to the production and to the long life cycle of T-AIR system environmental impact is inferior with respect to that of traditional steel systems.

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Piston Compressors

The wide range of RACPID piston compressors satisfies all needs in the field of compressed air generation, ranging from small craftsmen to big industries. RACPID offers, in fact, coaxial, belt-driven, two or four poles motors, single and two stage, wheeled or fixed, tandem, base or tank mounted and, last but not least, silenced compressors, all with several power levels aimed at offering its customers custom-made compressors.

Rotary Screw Compressors

Silenced, compact, low energy consumption and vibration free rotary screw compressors combining technological innovation with State-of-the-Art design and comply with high quality standards, easy maintenance and very low noise level. Reliable and user-friendly standard electronic controller both enabling system operation control and diagnostic information monitoring.

Ideal for professional, industrial and craft businesses applications, they satisfy various requirements thanks to numerous power levels (from 3 to 75HP), different operating pressures (8, 10 and even 13 bar in given models), belt or direct drive, and can be base-mount or 270 or 500 liters tank-mount, include or not dryer and inverter.

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